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CoMotion X

CoMotion X

Title Sequence | April 2019

Title sequence for the tenth annual CoMotion Student Symposium that takes viewers through MOME Love's past while introducing new and exciting design that will continue to define SCAD MOME Love as a powerhouse of motion design.


Daniel Whitaker - Creative Director

Desmond Du - Producer

Hunter Scully - Co-Producer

Jason Hahn - Art Director

Marcelo Meneses - Lead 3D Designer

Sam Button - Lead 2D Designer

Madison Kelly - Lead Graphic Designer

Hunter Scully & Madison Kelly - Experiential
Tomo Beddie - Designer & Animator
Will Burkart - Designer & Animator
Zach Herdman - Designer & Animator
Xin Zhao (Kenny) - Designer & Animator
Riley Williamson - Designer & Animator
Irma Hasanic - Designer & Animator
José Manuel Peña - Designer & Animator
Zach Hixon - Designer & Animator

Cat McCarthy - Graphic Designer
Kasella Acain - Graphic Designer
Carly Johnson - Graphic Designer
Anna Vallario - Graphic Designer

Ryan "Sully" Sullivan - Sound Designer
Ashton Faydenko - Sound Designer
Chris Hopkins - Sound Designer

Sierra Long - Photographer

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