US Open Series Enhancements

Rebranding | June 2018


Hunter Scully - Creator

John Howell - Director

Andrew Huang - Song

SportsMedia Technology


Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Media Encoder


The US Open Series (Tennis) rebranded thus resulting in new show enhancements for on site screens. The enhancements needed to be short, legible, and sometimes loopable. The enhancements are to be shown between plays to inform the crowd with a cohesive design. An animation for ace, new balls, match point, get loud, set point, dance cam, kiss cam, and fan cam were needed.

The animations are featured at (in 2018) the following events:

Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic

Cincinnati Western and Southern Open

Winston-Salem Open

Connecticut Open Tennis

The animations are able to be used across multiple seasons as long as the color scheme of the US Open Series does not change.

Below are the individual animations.