Overhead Colors II

Experimental | January 2019


Hunter Scully

Diana Elaine Fadal

Pao Baiz

Dyalla Swain - Song


Adobe After Effects

Adobe Media Encoder



“Overhead Colors II” is an experimental video exploring colors through moving liquids that have been altered to provide an interstellar atmospheric design. The visuals for this piece were created using water, alcohol, oil, food coloring, paint, dye, ink, milk, bleach, and more on a light table that was documented by cameras. The one-hundred gigabits of footage were sorted through for the best scenes altered to create “Overhead Colors II.” To see the first video in the series click here for "Overhead Colors."

More info coming soon.

Projection mapping from the Telfair Jepson Center for the Arts in Savannah, GA during the Pulse Arts + Technology Festival of 2019.