Fox Sports x SCAD

Product | September - November 2019


Corbin Bumeter

Ryan Gold

Kenny Guayaquil

Oscar Painvin

Sydney Rusek

Bradley Sakaguchi

Logan Schomburg

Hunter Scully

Bhavana Banavadi Suryanarayanachari

Rebecca Watson

Kuan Xue

Chin Yi Lin

Faculty Supervisors:

Bridget Gaynor

Andres Galeano

Paul Runko

Special Thanks To:

Michael Dolan

Craig Chupinsky

Fox Sports

Savannah College of Art and Design

Montgomery Hall Cage and Systems Dept.


A collaboration with Fox Sports to assist in the research and development of concepts for a 360 degree live-rendered virtual set for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The team was tasked to create a "home" for the FIFA Men's World Cup coverage that exudes the personality of modern Qatar while projecting to an American audience an instant connection to the host country.

Twelve students; ten weeks; one concept to wow Fox Sports.

Below are the final shots from the virtual set that showcase the arabesque architectural elements and the scale of Fox Sports' new virtual set. The set includes a main broadcast desk, a transforming (sand, water, soccer pitch) demo area, an AR soccer ball, a couple waterfalls, an intimate interview lounge, a balcony to overview the set, and more.

Virtual Set Photos


Designing motion graphics for the World Cup provided an interesting challenge of merging two cultures into one. Arabesque patterns, stylized calligraphy, and the need to convey information while keeping a cohesive design with the set is the main focal point for the designs. Below is a break down of the graphics.


Customized Typeface

The branding package started with creating a custom typeface, “Zubarah.” Originally named after a ruined fort located in north western Qatar. Zubarah was originally built for Qatari military to protect the global trade center for pearl fishing in the area.

The typeface’s design merged Latin text with Arabic calligraphy for an appropriate stylization. Flowing curves with straight lines are reminiscent of Arabic calligraphy in addition to the use of geometry and floral design.


Color Palette

Colors for the graphics are derived from both the FIFA World Cup and Fox Sports logo. With heavy usage of Qatar red and Fox blue accented with an off black, dark grey, and light grey. To pull even more from the graphics the usage of gold was common to represent the FIFA World Cup even more.

Motion Graphics

The branding package provided some challenges of designing for both full screen graphics and in-set graphics. Irregular displays are used and have curved, non-linear designs, and fabric surfaces.


The virtual set has three types of banners throughout the environment which can be queued to be unveiled and flow from a slight breeze without compromising legibility of any information on them. A single giant banner is
hanging behind the broadcaster’s desk, this can be used for showing match-ups, scores, and upcoming shows.

To the sides of the giant banner, there are larger banners which can be used to display the same information in a different framing by having both in shots. In this way, there can be a unique camera angle to show a match-up.

Stairs Curved Display

The stairs leading up to the balcony have a non-linear curved display on the side wall to provide information like player info, Golden Glove Award, and bumpers that can be used as transitions to show what is coming up next
in the broadcast.

A challenge for this display is the title safety and making sure all the information is being read correctly. If a redesign was done for this section, mirroring the stairs would increase legibility for the ability to read left to right rather than the currently existing right to left.

Demo Wall

The demo wall is the largest display on the virtual set that is also curved thus making title safety a challenge because of shot framing. This makes it difficult to show the entire display in the shot. This display will show match-ups,
player and team stats, and bumpers that could be used to transition for a commercial break. It can show sponsor logos before returning to the
broadcaster’s desk.

Broadcaster's Desk

The main desk features three displays on it to show pre-show info, sponsors, and more. A display in the center of the desk can be seen with all presenters in the frame. The two displays on the side mirror each other and can be seen on the sides of the desk. These displays are for accent use rather than conveying information.

Full Processbook

More info coming soon.