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Overhead Pop-Up Documentation

Overhead Pop-Up

February 2020

The 'Overhead Colors' finale premiered as a projection around Savannah, GA. The multi-night event was screened in late February 2020. Thank you to all the attendees for coming out!


'Overhead Colors' is a series started in early 2018. The series is composed of liquid light art, a technique found in avant-garde theater performances from the 60's and 70's. The usage of physical materials merged with the digitization allows for a unique combination when the final results are destructed with glitch art techniques like datamoshing, misalignment, compression, and more.

The final part of the series has reached a pinnacle point; achieving the goal of a polished piece that combines the previous techniques in the series for the finale. The final piece clocks in at over forty minutes long with an original composed score created for it providing a match of creative audio.

The series has used a plethora of materials like nail polish remover, paint, gouache, citric acid, iron powder, glitter, baby oil, canola oil, various India inks, baking soda, food coloring, bleach, cola, vinegar, milk, and more. A balance of color theory, cinematography, and chemistry are all needed in the moment of making the pieces. Behind the scenes documentation will be uploaded soon.

The finale of the six-part series will premier as a pop-up projection around Savannah as a final attribute to this capstone project.

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