CoMotion 2019 Branding Pitch

Event Title Sequence | October 2018


Hunter Scully

Rasita Kartarahardja

Zach Hixon


Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


This pitch went through three revisions. Our final delivery is what is seen above, however other versions lead with other technical driven skills.

See images below for more about our project.

About CoMotion:

CoMotion is a student sponsored and organized event that brings together top industry professionals with Motion Media Design Students at the Savannah College of Art & Design. The event includes the Annual Student Showcase, panel discussions, lectures, and portfolio reviews. The goal of the event is to connect students with potential employers and prepare students for their career by offering diverse insight into the industry.

Version 1 (above).

CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_01.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_02.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_03.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_04.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_05.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_06.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_07.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_08.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_09.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_10.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_11.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_12.jpg
CoMotion Final Pitch_Page_13.jpg