Paper Craft | July 2017


Hunter Scully

Austin Shaw

Joel Desmond

Wesley Nelson

Anastasia Skrebneva

Rita Albert

John Nelson


Adobe After Effects

Adobe Media Encoder


Live action paper-craft is what is going on here. The summer Motion Techniques II class combined collaborative efforts to make a live table-top production. We wanted to demonstrate how humanity and civilization takes over nature. Each of us produced different results editing the footage we shot together.

The only thing it takes is some string, popsicle sticks, hot glue, tape, scissors, a camera, and a ton of hands. Using some direction to get six sets of hands to coordinate the shots and timing. We managed to get the shots we needed in under three takes which allowed for close-ups and alternative camera angles.

Additional Notes:

It was extremely fun to get something complex executed with so many people. This is one of the few cases there was not too many cooks (or artists) in the kitchen.

tech 21.jpg