BMW x scad

Product | September - November 2018


Halle Wilson - Project Manager

Hunter Scully - Deliverable Manager

Jess Zuckerman - Gesture Studies Manager

Halley Mueller - Gesture Studies Manager

Victor Cinq-Mars - Prototype Manager

Rasita Kartahardja - Animator

Namitha Achandira - Writer

Aileen Winarto - Prototype Designer

Jacob Jenson - Prototype Designer

JT Smalley - Prototype Designer

Leandro Perversi - Prototype Designer

Pengyu Du - Prototype Designer

Shengjie Jiang - Prototype Designer

Yujie Zhang - Prototype Designer

Yuchen Gui - Prototype Designer


This project was a 10 week collaboration with BMW at Savannah College of Art and Design that brought together 15 students from various majors that include Industrial Design, Motion Media, UX / UI Design, Interactive Design / Game Development and Luxury / Fashion Management to help create the car of the future.