Best Buy

Logo Animation | September 2018


Hunter Scully - Creator

Otis McDonald - Song


Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Photoshop


The tech store, Best Buy recently rebranded with a new logo that seems to be both a step forward and backwards. The logo featuring a stronger emphasis on their name rather than the yellow price tag like before. The store's rebrand was to bring a stronger focus to friendliness and helpfulness. However the bold color scheme and text can seem to play an opposite role to that. Best Buy's rebrand also came with a remodel of many stores and retraining, making it the place to go to make sure you get the product that is best suit for you. Some may vary with their opinion of this store with their past personal experiences. However they are still one of the last tech stores standing unlike Radio Shack and Circuit City.

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