Branding | February 2018


Hunter Scully - Creator

Rasita Kartarahardja - Creator

Gymo - Song

St. Lucia - Song


Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe XD


In under 48 hours Rasita Kartarahardja and I rebranded portions of AARP by targeting their flaws and attempting to improve them to make AARP a more welcoming group and changing their image. We heavily focused on improving AARP's user experience. We attempted to redesign their website with a stronger focus towards their members and additional recreated the AARP Now app from the ground up making it even more user friendly. Lastly we focused on a social media promotion that could be ran as an ad campaign or show at venues. The AARP ad campaign was to show that these people are protected and cover with AARP by showing off their members.

Additional Notes:

Following our presentation we received great feedback which triggered AARP to return and look at their user experience scores and additionally showed interest in the ad for their offices and event venues.

Thank you AARP and Aquent for visiting SCAD and offering this opportunity.